Thursday, July 5, 2012



Hi peeps! Huyoh it's been a long while, I think to be exact almost one year since my last updates. No excuses, I am just plain lazy. Ok, peeps I'll see you guys around  thill my next post ya?whenever that is auwwww....happy day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks Rina dear, for the award =)

So now, I have to complete the "tag"? Berfikir-fikir aq apa benda yang orang ngak tahu ya?
[1] Did you all know that I've always wanted to be a chef when I completed my SPM in 1995. I  think many of you didn't know this part of me, in fact my BFF@ Rina pun x tau, kan? Actually, I approached my mum about it, I told her I wanted to become a chef but my mum advise me to take something more conventional, that was Accounting.

[2] I took piano lesson up to grade 4. Last time I can play the piano but today I'm not sure if I can still play the piano =). Maybe I should start taking piano lesson? Hehee...

[3] When I travel, I will make sure I buy at least one CD Album of any local artist of the country I visited.  I think by listening to their music, I can somehow relate to their culture, funny huh? One of the places that I love was Manila because it offers so many Jazz - Bossa Nova CD Album.  

[4] When I do go watch any movies, I will not check out critics' review before the movie but I will only read the reviews after watching the movies. Reason being, I don't want to be influenced by the review =p

[5] So far "My Best Friend's Wedding" by Julia Robert and Rupert Everett was the only movie that I watched three times in the cinema. I still remember back then first I watched it with Aini@BFF, then with Syiqin and Salha and the third one I think I watched myself. We were so obsessed with the movie that we even bought the soundtrack!imaginelah!

[6] Sometimes, when I'm having a rough day, during lunch hour I go to any salon to get my hair wash and blow. I always feel better after that. :D

[7] Not many know this, but I can be very witty you know? even though I may look serious hehehe...and my family and close friends testify to this :)) 

I want to tag who ya? Anyone readinglah...can try doing this...sila sila :))

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy Bee

My working schedule has been crazy for the pass two weeks. Events after events. I think, if not mistaken,I've been working 14 days without weekend. Nah, this sunday is my first break. Phew! Yesterday pun kerja. Can't wait to take a break, hopefully by next week.

Anyway, even though I'm busy bee, selalu I ingat-ingat my beloved oven...lama sudah dapur ngak berasap. As much as I love my job, I do feel dissappointed when time is busy, situlah pula kawan mau order but memandangkan work is still my number one priority and baking is my passion, I have to politely decline their orders. Ishk ishk. Bukan rezekilah...hopefully there's is next time.

Actually, when it comes to baking, it's not so much about making money, it's the baking experience that is so rewarding and satisfying!

So after two weeks life without baking, I finally made my very first PAVLOVA... so there goes...after this maybe I will try Chocolate Pavlova, suggested by my BFF@Rina.

It's delicious, trust me.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The other side of me...

3 months back, I told you that I hope something good will come out from the decision that I took. True enough, the decision that I took, lead me to this...

Made this cake for my mum's recent birthday. In fact, I made quite a number of cupcakes/cakes, but most of the times, didn't managed to capture the cupcakes/cake sudah habis dimakan monster-monster di

Off course it' not near perfect, but I know I'll get there...with a lt of practice, passion and guidance by my good friend @ Rina Rahman a.k.a sifu and makcik Sabrinah Ajmain :)

So peeps, stay tune...more to come and enjoy your weekend!


Friday, March 18, 2011


In life, we make decisions on everything. Some decisions may be easy to make, but some decisions I wish I don't have to take. Still, I can't just pretend everything is fine, when it is not. So, after thinking and thinking, I've decided that I have to do this.

I don't know if this is the right thing to do but I do know what I am about to do will definitely affect the next course of action in my life.

It is not gonna be easy but I hope I will be strong enough to go through the next chapter of my life.

At this point of time, I just hope something good will come out from this. Insya'Allah, with God's willing. Amin.

Love yourself first,

Monday, February 7, 2011


Roti Arab and Kuah Minced Beef

Ada gaya Nigella Lawson? :D

Holaaaa...I hope this blog is not haunted yet? Lol. I hope everybody is well :D Last CNY break I tried this very easy recipe-Roti Arab with Kuah Minced Beef. Actually, yours truly was inspired when I see Rina's blog about her cooking and baking ( She makes cooking and baking looks easy! So for a start, I tried one of her recipe...

Roti Arab
Here's the ingredients:-
For the bread (makes approx 7 pieces)
2 cups of flour
1/2 tsp of instant yeast
3 tbsp of coffee mate
2 tbsp of castor sugar

For the gravy
(method almost similar to making bolognese sauce)
Spring Onion
Minced Beef
Tomato Puree
Fresh Tomatoes
Basil leaves, Oregano Powder
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil

The photo shown, was my first attempt. Later on, I realized it is better to divide the "uli" then leave it for a while for it to "kembang sikit" then roll it to make it look like "roti canai" then only you deep fry it. It's like roti naan but fried roti naan. Delicious! In fact you can eat it with kuah Sardin or Curry Chicken. Very filling, my family love it! Tau-taulah ada keturunan Arab :)

True to what she said, once you've started, it can be addictive! Who knows, I might be the next Nigella Lawson!!!Lol! Now, if only I have all the tools...maybe I should start making a list of things that I need to kick start this new found passion... Err, any sponsors? :D


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri

Our family photo

I was talking to my bff and both of us admitted that this year raya is not the same as before...
we feel that it lacks the ummph. Perhaps because we are just too old already so there goes the excitement! I still remember raya used to be celebrated
with fireworks
(now banned),
baking cookies
(now kuih tunjuk!that is including yours truly),
preparing buras/pulut
(now after raya prayers dad will buy lemang available along the road side of Jalan Teluk Likas),
sending out raya cards
(now we get smses and greetings from fb),
kids can come freely to your house for raya
(I don't see this now, probably kids were too busy with their gadgets!)
and raya is celebrated 30 days!
(now, we have to wait for open house announcement before visiting our friends and family!)

and the list goes on...How I missed those rayas...

How we celebrate raya may change but I am just glad that the gist of raya is still there, that is raya is still the time for us family to be together and celebrate this joyous occasion together. As long as this doesn't change, I am already happy. This year, our family celebrate raya in moderation (wink-wink), the most important thing to me is, I am just happy that both my parents are still here so we can seek blessing and forgiveness. My mum is still fit and healthy (at least she still imagines that she's still in he 20s'! well, that's my mum) so we can still binge out the "soto banjar" that she prepares every year. Alhamdullilah, Praise to Allah S.W.T.

I just hope we are able to be together again for next raya. Insya'Allah with God's willing. Amin. So, dear friends I hope you are having a wonderful raya as well, if not even better :-)

Salam Aidilfitri,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin,